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Seriously, this cat idea is never going to work out well for him.


In completely unrelated news, guess who just got a flu shot and didn’t freak out or cry or anything?  This girl!  Also, I have two thumbs, so that’s good.

I think I may have misused that phrase somewhat.

Anyway, yes, my innocent little Charlie has totally done this when we were living in NY, and yes, I made one of my male roommates clean it up.  You know what?  I’m not even sorry.  They were thrilled that Charlie killed a mouse, and, given that I once walked in on one of them shaving the other one’s back in the kitchen, clearly not squeamish.  Anyway, if I had to listen to Ukrainian roommate #1 having sex with deaf roommate #1 SUPER LOUDLY, the least he could do was clean up a mouse corpse for me.charliehug

Charlie, attempting another kill.

2 comments on “Seriously, this cat idea is never going to work out well for him.

  1. ccoshow
    October 8, 2013

    Wow, reading about your NY roommates, and the loud sex, and the back-shaving, and now I have to take a shower. IN MY BRAIN. ;-p

    • naralesser
      October 9, 2013

      Yup. Are you imagining the sound effects in a mixture of Ukrainian and inchoate yawps? Because that would be accurate.

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