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Hey, look! A weekend post!

This should not be taken as a return to my previous daily posting, because I’m still super busy, but I have a few minutes while my pancakes dry (Don’t ask.  Yet.)  and I feel like writing a thing.  This may be my new weekend plan for a while, until I start making art I can show y’all again, at least.

Things I Learned This Week:

1. Pesto is tasty on all the things.  Well, not ALL the things, but many of the things.  It had better continue to be, too, because I bought pesto and I live alone (except for the cat, who is not allowed to have people food, because I am better at policing his diet than my own {Shut up, Charlie.  Learn to open the fridge and I’ll let you eat what you want.}) and the danger of buying a perishable condiment when you live alone is that you will fall out of love with it before you run out of it.

By the way, anyone know how long pesto keeps?

2. Opera characters are terrible at life.  I didn’t so much learn this as I was reminded of it.  Radames, ‘the endless desert shall be our bridal chamber’ is not sexy when you’ve got a crotch full of sand.  Aida, maybe before you sneak into the tomb to be with your love till you both die, you should prop the door.  Both of you, you’re in a tomb, you’re going to die, you’ve got nothing better to do — maybe instead of lamenting how Aida is going to die ‘pure’, you should help her out.  With your penis.

3. Zandra Rhodes is THE BEST.  Seriously, I already loved her because she is hilarious and sweet and insanely down-to-earth and humble, and then she brought a bunch of prints to work and signed them for us.

Photo on 2013-10-18 at 19.52

See?  Also, I lurve her Seussian palm trees.

4. It is harder to find a tacky wedding dress at a thrift store than you might expect.

5.  Forever Twentyone: for when Wal-Mart isn’t tacky enough.  I should go into advertising.

6. Tiny Rogue loves bubble tea green apple slushies almost as much as I do.  So does her weird faery friend.


7. There is a guy at the San Felipe Target with ear stretchy dealies sooo huge that he could totally fit coke cans through them if he wanted to, and it makes my tummy feel funny.  That’s not his fault, I have the same reaction to stitches and such, but dude.  Ow.

8. I’m really good at making fake pancakes, but I can’t show you yet, so forget I said that.  Whistles innocently.

9. PBS shows old Britcoms reeeeally late at night on Saturdays.  I fell asleep with the TV on, and when I woke up a terrible movie that was apparently Pulse 3 was on, at what was (also apparently) one of the only scary scenes, and even though it was laughably bad I couldn’t go back to sleep or I would have nightmares (with better special effects), but luckily PBS was showing ‘As Time Goes By’ and then ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, which are excellent palate cleansers without being so interesting as to keep me awake.

10.  I don’t know.  I’m sure I learned other stuff, I just can’t remember what.  Oh, wait!  Wal-Mart sells suspenders.  There.


2 comments on “Hey, look! A weekend post!

  1. Aussa Lorens
    October 21, 2013

    Aaida is the worst. Seriously.

  2. naralesser
    October 21, 2013

    I rather loved the opera, horrifying racism aside, but Aida herself? Pretty bad. I reserve ‘the worst’ status for Carmen and Don Jose.

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