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Why don’t I own a hoodie? Oh, right, because I live in Texas.


Where it is just now cooling down, thank goodness, and it’s still super humid.  I don’t mind the moisture in the air when it’s cool out, but the summer is a lot like breathing through a wet sweater made of wool and tears.

Anyway, I totally did write a post yesterday, but as you may have noticed, it has not been posted.  It may or may not ever be — we’ll see.  The thing is, I sit down and type what I’m thinking, and then (ideally) before I hit publish, I proofread and edit out anything I think I shouldn’t currently be saying to the internets.  Yesterday I wrote about a potential sadness that involves more people than just me, so no posting that for a while, if ever.

And you thought I had no filter.

One comment on “Why don’t I own a hoodie? Oh, right, because I live in Texas.

  1. Aussa Lorens
    October 18, 2013

    Congratulations on being the only person in the history of the internet who knows how to apply an emo filter.

    But actually you should just go ahead and share. Sharing is caring.

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