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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Weekly thingy and a thing I learned.

Remember when I started playing with that stumpwork kit?  Well, I still have a bunch of leaves to tackle, but the butterfly, she is done!

I’m actually tempted to stop here and go back to the big project, since the leaves are the same technique as the butterfly and I’ve learned that one, but this is a small thing that I can go ahead and finish (relatively) soon, so onward!  I’m really glad I took the pause, though — I was trying to think how to make portrait lady’s eyes clearly holes, and I didn’t think padded satin stitch would be enough, but felt padded satin stitch should do it!  I’m thinking I’ll pad her whole face, but cut out the eyes so that they’re a whole level below the rest.  Teehee.


In case you’re feeling the grandma craft itch, I remain largely happy with the kit, which I got from Julie Anne Designs on etsy.  The green floss is not at all the colour in the picture; not a big problem for me.  The instructions were relatively clear — I could have used slightly more direction with the Turkey stitch, but that’s partly because I’m a lefty and find diagrams difficult.  A quick trip to Youtube straightened me out.  I really like a kit for getting exactly the supplies needed, so that I don’t have to wonder what weight felt, or wire, or cotton I need.  I also ran out of three! colours, possibly because my buttonhole stitching around the wire is super tiny, but I don’t think I’m terribly wasteful of floss.  Luckily the crazy project involves all of the floss in the world, so I was able to scavenge matches.  So, not amazing, but at half the price of similar kits, I’m still very happy overall.




Places to buy stuff!

  • TEEPUBLIC: mostly t-shirts, a few other products.  Watch for sales, when shirts drop from $20 to $14!
  • REDBUBBLE: Just, I don’t know, a ton of different stuff.  T-shirts are more expensive than Teepublic, but there are a lot more options.
  • AMAZON: 2 colouring books, and now, a nearly-complete cartoon collection!  (Till I draw more.)

The Neurotic Owl Compendium: still flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dreadGeeky Gals Coloring BookDaydreams & Whimsies: A Most Fantastical Coloring Book

  • ETSY: beaded jewelry, bags of creepy tiny dolls, and The Neurotic Owl Tarot

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

  • I went to the beach with my oldest friend and some other friends and a cute chubby baby!  It was too chilly to swim even in Galveston, but sitting on the sand drinking wine and eating cookies and watching the surf is still pretty great.

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