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Thanks, ‘The Revisionist’!  After tech and previews, I’m going to know how to say good morning and good evening in Polish for the rest of my life.

In other new skills, I CAN EXPLAIN.

Photo Apr 17, 5 06 09 PM

It’s a three-dimensional thing and I embroidered it!  (I know, everything physical is 3D, but this is extra rounded, shut up.)  I can hear friends who watched me talk excitedly about learning to do stumpwork, and then ordering a stumpwork kit, and then swearing I would do it AFTER the two current big projects are done head-desking from here, but shah, my chickens.  I have reasons!  1. The stumpwork kit is small and soon finished and will give me a sense of accomplishment and 2. more importantly, I’m pretty sure I want to use the techniques in the kit on the big freeform project.  It’s actually surprisingly sensible (for me) that I’m getting the hang of this on a small, less beloved project first.  Normally I jump in feet first and figure out what I did wrong later.

If you, too, are seduced by stumpwork, I’m very happy with this kit in terms of clarity, design, and price.  My only warning is that the main floss colour is totally not the one in the picture, but I’m not personally bothered by that.

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