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Weekly! thingy and oops, all advertising.

Sorry y’all, there is nothing I hate more than having to promote stuff and ask for your money but this is a day for that. But good news for anyone who was sad that I’m basically sold out of the first print run of the Neurotic Owl Tarot – I’ve gotten my physical copy in from The Gamecrafter, and it looks beautiful! AND this time you get a full color fancy schmancy fold open box with it, for very little more than the original price with the plain white tuck box!

So look, my one caveat with this – it’s not speedy. I placed my order for the deck on March 15th and it just arrived the other day, and while I’ll grant you I didn’t pay for expedited anything since there was literally no deadline, I just want to warn y’all. Part of why this is doable on my end is that it’s a print on demand shop, just like Redbubble and Teepublic, and clearly printing with this vendor can take several weeks. I am DELIGHTED with how beautiful the print looks, though, there’s subtle color shifts you don’t see as much in the first printing, which bodes extremely well for when I finish the much more delicately colored current deck.

So anyhow, no pressure, it’s there if anyone wants it.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

Went to a really lovely second night Seder that incorporated a lot of new-to-me Sephardic traditions and Ladino, and it was both fascinating and featured really delightful people and adorable moppets. I was very much peopled out already on the way there, so it’s astonishing how much I enjoyed it.


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