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Weeklyish thingy and the Page of Pentacles/Godmother Death

Running well behind on my usual posting day but this time for the very legit artistic reason of not knowing how the duck I wanted to pose Godmother Death. (Also there were distractions involving dollhouses but I’ll save that for another post.)

Between it being a work night and doing this from my phone I’m going to keep it pretty brief. I’ve been keeping Godmother Death on my to do list for a bit and fourth from last she finally suited a card! A very poor couple has just had a baby and the man can’t find anyone to be the godparent. He meets a well dressed, beautiful woman who agrees to be the godmother, and then discovers that she’s (ba ba ba BUM) death. She takes him into her home filled with lit candles of different sizes and explains while she lights a tall new one for the baby that their lives; when the candle goes out that’s the end. The man sees that his own candle is tiny and close to going out and swaps in a large one when she’s not looking.

This is where most fairytales would get VENGEFUL, but nope, Death is super nice and offers to make the man a wildly successful doctor. If you’ve read Terry Pratchett’s Mort this should all be sounding very familiar.

Anyhow, despite fucking around a few times neither man nor his son find out – it all ends with prosperity and a royal marriage for the son after he heals a princess, so this is an unusually upbeat and consequence-free folktale.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

I am way back into playing with dolls and miniatures and I will have a post for you soon about new developments in that area.

2 comments on “Weeklyish thingy and the Page of Pentacles/Godmother Death

  1. CA
    April 20, 2023

    Mort is one of my favourites 😊

    • naralesser
      April 20, 2023

      I love all of the Death books especially!

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