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Buttercup McFoodytail’s cousin Steve is a douche. Also, I joined twitter.


For context’s sake, because occasionally I actually do provide context, The Bloggess asked people on Twitter to draw a unicorn and a girl making out just as I was checking to see if I should finally give in and join.  Naturally, the temptation of interspecies p0rn was too much to resist.  Also, I’m clearly shit at following directions.

Poor Melanie.  That virgins only rule sucks.  In case you’re wondering, I have no clue why I drew Melanie looking like myself.  This is in no way autobiographical.  I’m not even attracted to unicorns.  Or smokers.  If I had to guess why I gave her my fairly distinctive hair, I’d say solipsism, or possibly laziness, or maybe I just really need to get laid.  Anyway, feel free to follow me @neuroticowl if you want, though I can’t imagine why you would.  It’s just going to be more (140 character) rambling and links.

Oh, also context in case you missed the advent of Buttercup:

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