Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

It was a very small dragon, but still:


Remember, it’s not whether you win, lose, or turn into a charred pile of feathers: it’s how hard you try.

And that’s the sort of logic that causes you to end up extra crispy.

Wow, I’m a jerk today.


Also, I’m totally tagging this cookery, which is the kind of thing that will amuse me and be completely useless as an actual tag.  You should really always assume that my tagging methods are completely illogical and designed purely for my own amusement, which is much the same as my RPG methods, which is why I always seem to end up taking a grenade to the back of the head from my own team or some similar proud ending.  The only times I’ve really done well in the occasional games I get talked into were a game of DERP at a Browncoat Holiday Shindig, which is completely indescribable but I WON (by seducing an EMT by seductively licking the back of my own leg and purring while standing over the charred corpse of a Brony.  So, not really indescribable, but I’ll bet you’re pretty confused right now.), and some pirate-related game years ago where you get bonus gems for being a smartass, at which I excelled.


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