Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

The unicorn asked that his face not be shown for personal reasons. His name is Buttercup McFoofytail, though, so I blame his parents.


. . . and nothing bad happens to him at all.  No, really.  This particular adventure has no horrible twist, other than the fact that he spent his delightful unicorn ride looking for the horrible twist, and thus failed to enjoy the tiny, owl-sized unicorn while he has the chance.  So there’s the horrible twist, really.

If I were a douchey teenager I would rip my shirt off and scream YOLO right now, so thank god I’m not.


“If you so much as whisper YOLO I will end you.  And never give back the remote control.”

Anyway, I’m hoping reincarnation works so I can come back as an otter.



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