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Saturday! Time for sparklies.

Among the many hobbies/crafts/idiosyncracies that have forced me to admit to Manic Pixie Dreamgirl tendencies is the fact that I make shrinky-dink jewelry.  Like this:s2 s1 s3 s4 s5 s6 s7 s8 s9

Most of these are necklace bits, though the Joss monsters will probably be earrings.  This is the part where, if I were good at life, I’d tell you that all of these are available for cashy money at my Etsy store, but no.  Because photographing tiny shiny intricately drawn bits is hard, and I haven’t made cords for most of them yet, and, again, I suck at life.  Anyway, I need stock for ApolloCon this summer, so I may not be posting anything till after that.  Still, feel free to contact me if you do want something; I can do custom orders, too. or whatever.  Or you can just get a t-shirt at my Zazzle store.

Or you can keep reading for free.  Mooch.

Oh, before you go, this definitely isn’t available yet because it’s the Mark 1, which uses an embellished photo inside and is thus only for my own enjoyment, but I am working on the totally hand drawn Mark 2 and 3 as we speak. Behold my relatively crappy video skills!

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