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Did I show y’all this? I can’t remember.

Teehee.  Someone start the countdown, this is definitely going to get me in some sort of trouble.

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Something old, something new. . .

Note to self – if you’re going to draw more white dresses with really faint detail, just go ahead and put a heavy line of colour around the edge before … Continue reading

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A break for an activity!

I’m planning to put together probably a couple of coloring books with the line drawings of all the ladies, eventually — I think it would make the most sense to … Continue reading

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OSWINNNNNNNN sob sob sniffle sniffle.

I realize that people are of mixed opinions regarding Clara, and while I lurve her, I accept that.  That being said, if you hate Oswin, you’re a monster and probably … Continue reading

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This one’s not depressing! YAY!

How much do we all just want to watch a show where Liz Ten runs around double-fisting guns and generally swashing her buckle?  SO MUCH.  Ooh, wait, and Captain Jack … Continue reading

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And everything needs a little more editing, obviously. Dumb page edges still showing up.

And then the dust ninjas attack me and I cry and cry and cry.  Goddamnit, me.  This is unhelpful.

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Amelia Pond. It’s like a name out of a fairytale.

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Brace yourselves, the Doctor is coming.

Or rather his companions and associates, since I’m sticking with ladies.  And once again, I seem to be trying to fill my sketchbook WITH PAIN.  I swear I’m also planning … Continue reading

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and this, of course, would be June.

No power in the ‘Verse could stop me from drawing Inara as a baby bear.  You may join various naysaying friends in being uncomfortable with that choice.  The Book sparrow … Continue reading

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And never, ever gets better, apparently.

 Not entirely coincidentally, I’m theoretically over my stupid damn cold, but the occasional cough and head full of mucous are going nowhere.  You are not welcome here, snot fairy.  Take … Continue reading

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