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Did I show y’all this? I can’t remember.

Teehee.  Someone start the countdown, this is definitely going to get me in some sort of trouble.

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Something old, something new. . .

Note to self – if you’re going to draw more white dresses with really faint detail, just go ahead and put a heavy line of colour around the edge before … Continue reading

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A break for an activity!

I’m planning to put together probably a couple of coloring books with the line drawings of all the ladies, eventually — I think it would make the most sense to … Continue reading

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OSWINNNNNNNN sob sob sniffle sniffle.

I realize that people are of mixed opinions regarding Clara, and while I lurve her, I accept that.  That being said, if you hate Oswin, you’re a monster and probably … Continue reading

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This one’s not depressing! YAY!

How much do we all just want to watch a show where Liz Ten runs around double-fisting guns and generally swashing her buckle?  SO MUCH.  Ooh, wait, and Captain Jack … Continue reading

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And everything needs a little more editing, obviously. Dumb page edges still showing up.

And then the dust ninjas attack me and I cry and cry and cry.  Goddamnit, me.  This is unhelpful.

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Amelia Pond. It’s like a name out of a fairytale.

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