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Paper Dolls! (The Endening)

Okay!  So these are available at my Redbubble store, along with all of the other colour ones (I’ll post the b&w sometime soonish), plus Art Nouveau and Zombie dolls!  Click … Continue reading

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How many ways can you dress a hedgehog?

Apparently ten, at least this time around.

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Um. . . so. . . right.

I got nothing, y’all.  I was out last night watching Das Rheingold: Zardoz v. Barbarella* of all things, and I realized this morning that I haven’t uploaded the colour dolls … Continue reading

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Papierpuppen! Part the third.

These are the ones you haven’t seen yet, right?  Right?  Oh, god, I can’t tell anymore because my brain is filled up with all the ways I might murder our … Continue reading

April 8, 2014 · 1 Comment

Paper dolls! Part 1.

I think I’ll be rolling out the black and white ones first, then the colour versions — I’m planning to put both up on Redbubble and, I guess, Zazzle once … Continue reading

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These are not cartoons.

Since I’m home sick today and don’t feel like writing anything that makes sense, and most of my current cartoons involve at least mini-rants, have these pictures of Tiny Rogue … Continue reading

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My wish is for a brawny manservant to whip my cheesecakes. Wait, that sounds weird.

Hi, everybody! (Hi, Doctor Nick!) I went to a super fun Browncoat holiday shindig last night, and then today I got up at the crack of ten and cleaned and … Continue reading

December 23, 2013 · 1 Comment

Three guesses why I didn’t have time to post earlier.

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I went to the doctor Tuesday, so I know just how he feels.

(In a fictional world where ‘he’ isn’t totally me.  Still have no idea why one of my alter egos ended up male.  Meh.) Anyway, doctors, eek.  It went well, I … Continue reading

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I swear, I’ve had it in the back of my head to post all day today, but the front of my head has been busy figuring out what these people … Continue reading

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