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I swear, I’ve had it in the back of my head to post all day today, but the front of my head has been busy figuring out what these people are going to wear in this play and then drawing those things.  I don’t have any art to show you right now, because even though I have a lot of drawings in front of me they’re all for things I can’t post yet.  So. . .  um. . . . how you doing, internets?

Read any good books lately?

What’s your sign?

Sorry, I’m a tired panda.  (Ooh, cartoon idea!)  Have a link to a thing that is funny and also offers hours of viewing entertainment if you end up watching all of the various Big Fat Quiz of the Yearsesesesesssssss.  I think I turned into a Slytherin for a second there.

Anyway, I’m turning some age or other pretty soon, so here’s your handy-dandy Nara gift guide:

1.Nothing, obviously, because no one has to get me a gift.  Still, if you’re determined. . .

2. David Tennant, but an alternate reality David Tennant who isn’t married because I wouldn’t want to break up a marriage, especially a hilarious one to his own daughter.

3. A pony.

4. A working time machine, ideally from a church jumble sale.

5. The entire cast of Firefly, plus Joss Whedon.  Not for what you’re picturing, though – we’ll just play Cards Against Humanity.  Actually, you can skip Adam Baldwin.  I followed him on Twitter for about a day and I’m sure he’s lovely in many ways, but his politics are teh scary.

6. The Avengers, to clean my apartment.  Only Tony has to wear the frilly maid’s costume.  Also, he might come help me organize my bedroom for awhile.  Amuse yourselves, everybody else.  Steve, there’s a lovely collection of 1940s musicals if you get bored.

7. Superpowers.  Not supertasting or superspelling, though, I have those.  Professor X does not invite you to the mansion for those.

8. Magic cookies that make you feel like exercising and have no calories and are not called Fen-Phen.

9. Remember the Beast’s library in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?  That.  No singing teacups, though, that shit’s creepy.

10. A climbing tree for Charlie that looks like the Tardis and involves a magical self-cleaning litter box.  No one ever gets Charlie birthday presents, so I will let him use one of mine.



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