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Because Schadenfreude Seahorse is a jerk.

By the way, Slytherin?  Your house crest is easily the biggest pain in the ass to draw.  This is not improving my outlook on how much you suck. Please, feel … Continue reading

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Did I miss a day? Oops.

The days kind of run together when I’m not working a set schedule.  Anyhoo, who wants some tartan? I have Lagerfeld on my list because someone mentioned him, but I … Continue reading

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I swear, I’ve had it in the back of my head to post all day today, but the front of my head has been busy figuring out what these people … Continue reading

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Ewww, greasy otter. Wait, does that sound like a euphemism?

Greasy pixie otter wants a hug! New euphemism Wednesday w00t!  (That’s not a thing.  Yet.)  Sorry, A, for turning your pain into a cartoon, and also for calling you Snape.  … Continue reading

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More counting!

I may go back and add some colour to this one.  In case you’ve forgotten: In other news, according to you guys, I’m a Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw tendencies.  Common room … Continue reading

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Last of the Summer Whine

OK, that title only makes sense if you watch far too many Britcoms.  Still, this is indeed the last of the three drawings that happened the day I discovered that … Continue reading

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A Soothsayer for your Saturday.

I found my camera, so I thought you guys might like to see one of the more. . . umm. . . interesting items I built for the Shakespeare Festival … Continue reading

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I really should have published this one while A&C was still running.

Better late than never to rip off a Joss Whedon quote, though, right?  This one really only makes sense if you saw our design, but if it helps you picture … Continue reading

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Rosie the Ottererererer

Don’t be fooled by her love of glitter and crocheting and bouffant wigs — Manic Pixie Otter can sink a mean rivet. Also, vote!

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Don’t worry, it’s just a red hanky.

Oh, theatre deaths.  I ended up skipping A&C the other night because it was raining, the people who were meeting me to see it cancelled, and I’ve seen it PLENTY … Continue reading

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