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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Last of the Summer Whine


OK, that title only makes sense if you watch far too many Britcoms.  Still, this is indeed the last of the three drawings that happened the day I discovered that our shitty armor reconstruction had all been done INCORRECTLY and would have to be totally redone, and then I hyperventilated a skosh.

In order:no173no172no169

And there you have the story of that day.  Still, could be worse; at least I got to draw an owl shrugging talmudically.  Really, that should brighten up anybody’s day.

Today is the last day of this silliness, since I think everybody who wants to vote has, possibly twice.  So, if you haven’t judged me yet, dooooo eeeet.  Remember, Gryffindor=brave/foolhardy, Ravenclaw=intelligent/giant frakking nerd, Hufflepuff=reliable, loyal, and occasionally derpy, and Slytherin sucks.  How long will I not forgive you for, Snape?  ALWAYS.

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