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Evil, evil bananas.


If you aren’t a supertaster, then you don’t know the joy of making a beautiful chocolate banana smoothie, taking that first big sip, and going, “Mmmm.  Chocolate, nanner. . . vomit vomit vomit!”  Bananas are evil and apparently contain a chemical that is also present in bile, which is why after I swallow that sip my mouth tastes like I just threw up.

It is unpleasant.

I have to say, while the tastebud-county test and most of my food aversions (onions, tomatoes, raspberries sometimes, bananas, raw broccoli {I love it cooked}, lots of bitter green veggies, coffee, dark chocolate, and wine) are pretty definitive, there’s one aversion I’m kind of sad not to have.  Apparently some supertasters are averse to fatty and sugary foods.

Dang it.

This is not the body that hating cake built.

Then again, it would be awfully sad to hate cake.

Anyone else stuck with the crappiest of all the mutant powers?

One comment on “Evil, evil bananas.

  1. Lauren
    August 18, 2013

    Theres a reason my dessert preferences always skew to the rich/tangy/dark ends of various spectrums, I hate things that are overly sweet. I’ve always hated pretty much all gum, hard candy, ect, and as you saw Friday night, I am allll about the Black Russian lol.

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