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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

I really should have published this one while A&C was still running.


Better late than never to rip off a Joss Whedon quote, though, right?  This one really only makes sense if you saw our design, but if it helps you picture it, let me just say: still basically period inspired, modern fashion twist, bondage.  Basically, we renamed it ‘Cleavage & Cooch’, although there was also an awful lot of moose knuckle.  Between the basically naked costuming and the blocking that had Cleo’s handwomen lolling on pillows falling out of their dresses, we were not so much with the subtle.

In other news, I just won the serger I was bidding on on eBay!  Hooray!  $136 including shipping for a nice serger +, for some reason, 30 odd cones of unopened serger thread.  Fingers crossed that it actually does work when it arrives!

Oh, also this:

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