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Monthly Archives: December, 2015

Two posts in two days, what? It’s like I’m reliable or something!

I’m going to assume that I don’t need to explain who Sojourner Truth is or why she’s amazing.  DON’T DISAPPOINT ME, PEOPLE.  I’m still sick, I don’t have the energy … Continue reading

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Historical Bitches of Awesomeness.

Which is almost certainly exactly what I WON’T be calling the next book.  Anyway, you’re getting a rough and unfinished image because I’m home sick from work and scanning involves standing … Continue reading

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Get out your crayons!

Because the colouring book is DONE! In other news, I just learned how to take a screenshot on my iPad.  Progress!  You can follow this link or just search Geeky … Continue reading

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Aaand on to the next thing. Sort of.

I can’t lie, posting will remain less frequent for a bit, because while I have already started drawing this new project, I’ve also got a big furry suit to sew … Continue reading

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The good news is, I got the proof, and the cover’s really pretty and looks really great! The bad news is, some of the pages had noise and smudges and … Continue reading

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Let’s all go to the lobby, and buy ourselves a snack! (Because this is a preview.)

One more coloring book teaser.  Obviously some backgrounds are more ridiculous than others — I was having trouble figuring out what to do with Seven till I thought of referencing … Continue reading

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Naked lady! (But no visible fun bits)

Another little colouring book teaser — rather than just give you black and white versions of the original drawings, I’ve gone back and added detail and backgrounds/decorative borders to a … Continue reading

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