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I’ve got electricity and running (undrinkable) water so basically I’m rich.

Wheeeee it has been a WEEK y’all. You know I’m in Houston, TX, right? Yeah, probably. Anyway, you’ve either already heard what’s been going on or you can google it, … Continue reading

February 21, 2021 · 1 Comment

More coloring pages.

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New old art.

Look, here’s my take on this. This world is ours now and the author who shall not be named can’t have it back. We read these stories as being about … Continue reading

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Women of Colour to colour.

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I know I haven’t commented specifically on a lot of political stuff lately, and it’s a combination of exhaustion and despair and honestly not knowing what to say that I … Continue reading

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And then there were dolls. And RAGE.

This is a very old project and I may or may not have posted it here before, but I really can’t stop staring at it lately.  TW: stylized thingy relating … Continue reading

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Pay it no mind!

A quick rerun today because I left everything I have on hand to photograph or scan at home, because I am the smartest.  I was planning to pull a few … Continue reading

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Click to embiggen.  I say that a lot. Sorry, it’s been kind of a bonkers week, but mostly just mentally.  I was also very busy dealing with theatre-y stuff, so … Continue reading

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Good trends and bad trends.

Happy discount chocolate day, everybody!  Two cartoons in a week and a few more ready to post, who expected that?    But okay now, please brace yourselves for a hard … Continue reading

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The story continues. . .

Next up, time to get the fellowship together.  If it hurts you that I’m combining elements, please feel free to assume that Neurotic Owl has a nephew of the same … Continue reading

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