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I’ve got electricity and running (undrinkable) water so basically I’m rich.

Wheeeee it has been a WEEK y’all. You know I’m in Houston, TX, right? Yeah, probably.

Anyway, you’ve either already heard what’s been going on or you can google it, I’m just going to say FUCK REPUBLICANS and leave it at that. I was really very lucky. I had power most of the time, and when mine did go out I was able to safely decamp to my parents’ house, where both power and water were working throughout, possibly because they live right behind a warming center. Mooch was not enthusiastic about visiting his grandparents but he settled into the dining room pretty well, aside from intense curiosity about what might be behind the folding doors that he couldn’t get open.

May be an image of cat, dog and indoor

Just so you know, there was a slatted door to the kitchen on the other side of the room that doesn’t latch properly and he could totally open, but it wasn’t interesting at all. It even stood open a lot during the day and he only occasionally went for it, usually if someone was in the kitchen attracting his attention. The front hall is apparently the place to be.

Anyway, my internet was out for the bulk of the week, so I did a lot of knitting and reading. Made some legwarmers out of the velvet yarn I can’t help buying whenever it’s on clearance, and they are soft and fluffy and nice. I always wish I had a pair when it’s cold out so I could worry less about which pants actually hit my ankles, so now I’m finally set for that.

Looks like I never took a photo of them finished soooo moving right along, remember when I made myself a fancy knitting bag and was totally going to put together a pattern/instructions to sell? Hahahahaha you don’t because it was a long fucking time ago. But I finally did the thing!

So to remind you, it’s a messenger bag that zips open to lay flat, with a bunch of pockets for needles and tools and such. Honestly I’m tempted to do a second one to hold markers and a sketchpad, eventually I might. So if you want a project the listing is up in my etsy store. If you want someone to make one for you nope, I hate doing custom work with a deep and fiery passion, ask someone else. If you want to make them to sell TELL ME WHO YOU ARE so anyone who asks me for one can have your info instead. But seriously it’s not a hard project if you do it in the correct order instead of deciding to add the zippers after the bag’s assembled and having to go back and unstitch a ton to put them in LIKE I DID. It’s a bunch of rectangles, you can do it.

One comment on “I’ve got electricity and running (undrinkable) water so basically I’m rich.

  1. Lisa B.
    February 22, 2021

    What, pray tell, is a warming center?

    I tend to forget what winter power outages mean for most. My house is earth-sheltered and passive solar. Even at minus zero (rare for Raleigh, North Carolina) and without running the woodstove, the coldest it has ever gotten in here is 53 degrees.

    Once when I was staying over at my daughter’s house (new baby), there was an ice storm and the power went out. It was down to 40 degrees in her well insulated conventionally built house within half an hour, and still dropping. There was no help for it–we packed up and headed for home, 20 miles away. My heart was in my mouth (I learned to drive in Ft. Lauderdale) but we lived to tell the tale.

    Please keep taking good care of yourself.

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