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Someday I will stop getting that . . . song? Is song even the right word? . . . stuck in everybody’s head but actually probably not because it’s stuck in mine and I’m a sharer.

ANYHOODLES. The point is, I got my first COVID shot Friday! And yes, I qualified because of my weight, and yes, you can indeed go fuck yourself if that bothers you. The medical establishment has been dicking me over because of my weight for most of my life, not to mention the world at large, Imma take this one win and greatly reduce the chances that I will be part of an ever expanding chain of exposure that leads to people dying or suffering horribly.

If you’re mad that you don’t currently qualify or haven’t managed to get an appointment I probably agree with you but also that is not under my control.

So. I got the Moderna vaccine, my arm hurts like a bitch but it always does that with the flu vaccine too, and I’ve been a little tired and dopey all weekend but no biggie. No other effects to report.

Also I finally picked my barely-started sweater back up, behold!

That’s the top back and the free edge looks weird right now but will be a nice slightly scooped back neck when it’s eventually done. I’m using Malabrigo yarn (oooh splurge) and boy can I tell the difference from the cheaper yarns I used before, this seems like it will hold up way better long term. And the pattern is by Andi Satterlund, the ‘Agatha’ sweater. I’m resisting the urge to button shop now when it won’t be done for many months at minimum but I’m thinking sparkly grey crystal. This is definitely the most intense pattern I’ve done yet, even the sleeves have lace panels, wheee.

Also clearly I am a magpie when it comes to stitch markers.

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