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Progress and whatnot

I was going to post several days ago but while I have a bunch of projects going on I’m not sure any of them are fascinating for progress pics? Like, how often do y’all really want to see a sweater being knitted or another square added to blackwork?

But at least I’ve hit a milestone of sorts with the alphabet blocks. I am almost 1/3 of the way through and it’s time to cut and serge another strip of Aida!

I do have room for the linking block but I think maybe I want to wait on that one till after the bits are seamed together and see if there’s a good place to stitch over the seam and camouflage it.

Anyhow I forget whether I told y’all the plan for this? Probably but whatever. It’s going to be inserted trim on a skirt. I think probably baby but I might go forest green, black wide waistband, box pleats, pockets of course. Probably a polished cotton or something similarly kind of crisp and clean looking.

The linking blocks were planned to give me enough trim at the end to go around a good hem soooooo we’ll see how good my math is in about 18 more letters.

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