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Look, here’s my take on this. This world is ours now and the author who shall not be named can’t have it back. We read these stories as being about inclusion and anti-fascism and I refuse to let that person ruin them. And Molly would NEVER put up with TERF nonsense.

I’m not going to say that I’m donating proceeds from my related designs because my percentage doesn’t add up to enough to matter (seriously, I make about .20 on stickers, it’s a huge headache to track, I’ve tried it before), but I am making donations on my own and if there’s a sudden sales spike I’ll make them bigger. Want somewhere to do the same? Check out the Marsha P. Johnson Foundation and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

I want to be really clear – I never want anyone to think that I stop caring about you when it means giving up a book series or whatever.  I won’t be giving JKR my money in any way, no matter how badly I want to visit the theme park, and I totally understand if you feel like continuing to engage with the Harry Potter world at all is a betrayal.  For me it feels like an act of rebellion to turn her characters against her, but I get it if that seems like the wrong choice to you and you’re mad at me.  This seems like my best choice for now, but I’ll stay open to feedback.

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