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With his mother-of-pearl opera glasses. Because he’s classy, that’s why.


Usually when I go to a show I end up drawing something related to said show during intermission, but since this was drawn while my mom and I were at ‘The Passenger’ (Holocaust opera), I was not so much with the show-specific jokes.  Fantastic show, though – I can’t claim to have enjoyed it per se, given the topic, but it was exactly what it should have been.

Really, the only funny thing of the evening was when the cast came out for bows and the entire audience clearly wasn’t sure how to react.  You see, the SS officers and overseers came out first, and no matter how well they sang or how aware you are that they’re ACTING, they’re wearing Nazi uniforms, and it’s hard to clap for a Nazi.  Hopefully they knew that that’s why they got such tepid, hesitant applause.  The camp prisoners, on the other hand, got a standing ovation.

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