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Ugh, you guys.  So last week I had family visiting town from Wednesday to Saturday (yay! {but also eek!  time consuming!}) and also had to empty out and scrub the fuck out of my entire kitchen and clean the rest of the apartment because the exterminators were coming Friday during the day to kill EVERYTHING (which is why Charlie went to stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s Thursday night.  Him, I want alive).

And oh, the shame of it all.  The truth is that it took me days to admit this to anyone because the phrase ‘German cockroach infestation’ makes me feel like a disgusting filthy trash person.  To make matters worse, the exterminators had come in the preceding Friday without warning, and Friday is the end of the week, so there was a sink of soaking dishes and a stove of griminess and a floor of non-vacuuminess and various full trash receptacles, and again, SHAME.

Still, I’m reliably informed by everyone I know who rents or has rented that bug infestations are just a thing that sometimes happens, especially in Houston, and that a sink of dirty dishes etc. does not make me gross, but fairly normal.  Basically, they’ve doubtless seen worse.

Still, I went on an ORGY of cleaning and emptying, and I haven’t totally put the kitchen back together yet, since it seemed wiser to wait the two weeks it should take the little fuckers to be gone and not have to rewash all of my shit a third time.

Fingers crossed for multiple tiny deaths chez moi?

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