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Never go in against an eight-year-old when flowers are on the line.

Or a Sicilian when death is.  Vizzini might not take you down, but Sophia totally will.THE GOLDEN GIRLS

She’s killed before.


Since I seem to be on a wedding kick, I remembered one other thing from L’s wedding.  You know the bit where the bride tosses the bouquet and all the single ladies try to catch it?  Luckily, I wasn’t feeling super competitive about that, because as we gathered ’round, an adorable child with waist length braids and murder in her eye made her way to the front of the group and hunkered down, ready to kneecap anybody who even tried to get in her way.  The bouquet hit the ceiling, and before it could rebound to the floor, she had done a rather impressive dive and tackled the damn thing.  We all backed away slowly.

Well done, little one.  Hopefully that ‘next to get married’ thing is a crock (duh), or we’ve all got a while to wait.

Also, I totally want to see what Field Day is like at that kid’s school.

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