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Today will have to be a brave day.


So, full disclosure, the amazing leggings I got were free, because my awesome friend Katie of Lineage Wear needed plus size brand ambassadors (basically, pictures of my big butt wearing them).  So I’m definitely biased, because free=awesome, and because Katie is great and I want her business to succeed, and because I love supporting small (very,very small) businesses making great stuff with well-paid local workers.

That being said, I wouldn’t bother to post here about it if I weren’t genuinely in love with my new (high-waisted!  comfortable but slightly compress-y!  in a good way!  wildly colourful!) leggings and going to buy another set when I can next afford to splurge a little.

Also, this is part of the whole ’embracing who I am’ thing, because there was a time not long ago when these photos would never have made it off my camera, much less been displayed for all and sundry, but here goes:yoga2 yoga3 yoga4 yoga5

*Lineagewear is temporarily closed for restructuring, but hopefully she’ll be reopening sooooon!

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