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I’m giving you a Saturday cartoon because I missed Friday. Also, I’m going to try to sell you things.


I may go wild and do a more traditional Saturday post tomorrow.  Chaos!  Insanity!  Slight scheduling changes!

I went to Ladies’ Night at Eighthththth Dimension Comics after work last night, and it was delightful.  The friends who rode with me brought me Loch Ness monster shaped PB&J, and we played an uproarious and attention-getting and never-ending round of Buffy The Vampire Slayer: the Board Game, basing our decisions on what the characters would do rather than what would be the wisest choice, and we totally killed the Master!  (Sorry, Mark!  Thanks for signing my DVD, though!)


I know you can’t read it, but it says, “Nara – For Blood.  The Master.”  I don’t recall giving him any of my blood, but I probably did injure myself at least twice while working on his accessories, because that’s who I am.  Well played, Mark Metcalf The Master.

Actually, Buffy totally killed the Master – I (Xander) was going to, but couldn’t get there in time.  Oh, Xander.

What else?  We ate snacks of tastiness and held up signs for a music video?!? and I tried to will my raffle ticket to be pulled for the Tentacle Kitty, but alas.  28051-headertentaclekittyavailable

I love you, Tentacle Kitty!  Some day you will be mine.

So to comfort myself I bought Doctor Whooves and also an issue of a comic that I have not read the preceding issues of, because pretty:


My resistance to both Willow and beautiful artwork is not fantastic. So now I need to read issues 1-4, but even if they don’t blow my skirt up (though they might, this one was pretty nifty) I will have beautiful art to hang on my wall.  I rarely reread these unless the story is really amazing, but $2.99 for a wonderful image is A-OK with me.  That being said, I will attempt to frame it in such a way that it’s easy to pull out and put back if I do want to read it again.

Huh.  This kind of turned into a Saturday post after all.  Hooray!

PS – Oops!  I forgot about the selling you things part!  I finally put some shinies in my Etsy store,  If I didn’t already take all of your money at ApolloCon, now’s your chance!

PPS – Just went back in and edited out the more glaring word repetitions, because that will not stand.  Like, totally.

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