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Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Motherf*ing singers.

And actors, and dancers, and anyone I have to schedule fittings with, really. And look, 98% of my current regulars are SPLENDID, so really, the 2% are ruining things for … Continue reading

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Today will be upsetting.

We’ve all been talking about spousal abuse a lot lately, for reasons I’m sure you’re aware of.  I just want to add my voice to the many people asking you … Continue reading

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They exchanged grooming tips.

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Life sized chocolate moose!

  Apparently Scarborough, Maine is the home of the tastiest pun ever, and also chocolatiers with a lot of free time.  And before you ask, he’s SOLID.  Sooooooo much chocolate. … Continue reading

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He’s looking for Minnetonka moccasins and fudge, and a friendly cat.

  One of the little side trips I miss from going to work at Glimmerglass Opera for a few summers.  Anyone want to go on a road trip to the … Continue reading

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Is this still a thing? That’s a scary thing.

  If you recall, he’s not a huge fan of bees.  Or most bugs, really.  I mean, yes, bees are good and necessary and I want them to exist and … Continue reading

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Kitty video!

I’m still sick, as you’ll be able to tell if you follow the link to Charlie’s Mice Bucket Challenge video, but I figured those who don’t know me on Facebook … Continue reading

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I have cartoons cued but I’m feeling extra sick today — like sweaty whenever I stay on my feet for long and just exhausted — and I’m just trying to … Continue reading

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Another roadside attraction.

Pretty much what it sounds like.  It’s a building, shaped like a duck, on Long Island.  If I remember correctly, there’s a gift shop inside. Picky overly observant types will … Continue reading

September 4, 2014 · 2 Comments

Road trip!

So my mom and I drove up to Denton this weekend to visit my brother and his wife and THEIR KITTENS (These guys, but bigger now.) and it was mostly … Continue reading

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