Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Another roadside attraction.


Pretty much what it sounds like.  It’s a building, shaped like a duck, on Long Island.  If I remember correctly, there’s a gift shop inside.

Picky overly observant types will notice that Neurotic Owl is a lot bigger in these, because there is a limit to how small I can draw him and still have expression, and a lot of these landmarks are huge.  Suck it up, he changes size all the time.  It’s a cartoon.  And so on.

2 comments on “Another roadside attraction.

  1. ccoshow
    September 4, 2014

    Could Neurotic Owl meet the Soulcake Duck? 😉

    • naralesser
      September 5, 2014

      Squeeeeeee! And Death! And the Megapode! And he could temporarily take over for one of the elephants!

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