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Monthly Archives: April, 2015

Things that aren’t tarot cards! Or owls! Which might be the only reasons you follow me, so oops. But Firefly!

Does it help if I say that there’s an owl in tomorrow’s drawing?  An owl that’s actually a goblin king that’s actually David Bowie? Anyway, you can buy your own … Continue reading

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Tarot: The Endening! Queen and King of Swords.

And that’s all, folks!  Remember, if you want your own copy of all the cards, in an individually decorated box, in a hand made fabric pouch (it’s like a Tarot … Continue reading

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Tarot in yo FACE (because it’s face cards. I’m not funny.) Page and Knightof Swords.

He’s supposed to be posed dashingly with his sword, but I’m pretty sure he’s actually golfing.

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Tarot to the EXTREME: Swords 9 & 10.

Dear everyone, Sorry.  There was just no way the ten of swords wasn’t going to be a terribly upsetting card. Love, Nara, who had to draw her most fragile alter … Continue reading

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Hi, guys!  I was going to post the 9 & 10 of swords today, except that I forgot they’re not scanned yet.  Still, we’re closing in on the end rapidly, … Continue reading

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Tarot some more : Swords 7 & 8

One per customer?  Meh. If the whole teeter-totter thing hadn’t already been the perfect metaphor for living with an abuser, this would be — any direction you go, you’ll probably … Continue reading

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Tarot and pointy objects: Swords 5 & 6

Swords are scary, y’all.  Finding the cute in some of the swords cards is proving challenging, Still, YARR I’M A PIRATE.

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Tarot and an announcement: Swords 3 &4.

Hi, kids!  So the Kickstarter is live and taking preorders and, actually, already fully funded!  Still, you get a treat or two by ordering through Kickstarter that won’t be included … Continue reading

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Tarot, the home stretch. Swords, 1 & 2.

You knew I was going to do this somewhere in swords, right?  Right?

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Tarot-ing all the day. Cups, Queen and King.

Who’s regal as fuck?  This otter.  HER CUP IS SO FANCY IT DOESN’T EVEN LOOK LIKE A CUP. That thing in his left hand is actually a scepter, but the … Continue reading

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