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Monthly Archives: May, 2015


She is the subtlest villain that ever subtled, and also metal as fuck.

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Introducing Violet! (AKA I made paper dolls again.)

Page three is my favourite because sexy high-heeled waders make me giggle.  She’ll be up on Redbubble sometime this week.  So, clearly this was me trying to draw a larger … Continue reading

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And now I have something!

So, yes, the room behind her was lit, and Westley was visible, and I tried that, but this just works better visually. Also, it’s really hard finding a strong active … Continue reading

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Heeeey, everybody! I’ve got NOTHING.

in fact, I have several things, but I failed at photographing or scanning any of them last night, and I’m still on hiatus from my normal cartoons (though I can … Continue reading

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And then fairytales, because they’re one of my other obsessions.

Although ‘Alice’ is less a fairytale and more a young girl’s journey-quest, but then we get into that book I’m never actually going to write, and then you fall asleep.

May 6, 2015 · 1 Comment

Firefly again, but this time with PAIN.

Just the way Joss likes it.

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And then back to Firefly, because Firefly.

This one’s been sitting in my sketchbook waiting to be finished for ages, because it was really hard to decide what colour that fabric is.  If you don’t think it’s … Continue reading

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And then we returned to melodramatic 80’s fantasy movies.

Because, look, no one can claim that ‘Legend’ was great film, but you can’t deny that it had style, and stunningly gorgeous shots, and Tim Curry.  And, for some reason, … Continue reading

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