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Heeeey, everybody! I’ve got NOTHING.

in fact, I have several things, but I failed at photographing or scanning any of them last night, and I’m still on hiatus from my normal cartoons (though I can feel ideas drifting back in my general direction. . . ).  So, a couple of housekeeping things — if you didn’t take part in the Kickstarter, but you are, for some reason, curious about progress, behold!  Fabrics!  Future pouches!


I’ve actually finished sewing the pouches now, so as soon as Kickstarter sends me the pretzel moneys funding, I’ll put in the order with the printer and wait for the next step.

Also, my Rosie the Riveter-style Wonder Woman costume is nearly done, the costume from last year is getting massively revamped, and I’m getting ready for my booth at Apollo Con, so if you’re going to be in Houston in late June, come visit me there.  Please?  Maybe?

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