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Two posts in two days, what?!?!?

This was going to be just a super quick update to let you know that I got the formatting done for Blue on Redbubble, but also I realized I haven’t … Continue reading

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The new paper doll is up and available on Etsy in black and white or color! So, etsy isn’t ideal really for a lot of reasons, but right now it’s … Continue reading

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Ye olde paper doll continueth

Teeheehee bad oldy timey English is funnier when you know it’s bad. Anyway, I think I’m done drawing outfits, huzzah!  NOW I CAN COLOUR, Also, did I tell y’all I … Continue reading

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Paper dolls and apologies.

Sorry, I keep starting back and then disappearing again when the world gets to be too much.  Anyway, I finally did start drawing a bit again, so here’s Blue and … Continue reading

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More coloring pages.

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New old art.

Look, here’s my take on this. This world is ours now and the author who shall not be named can’t have it back. We read these stories as being about … Continue reading

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Women of Colour to colour.

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I know I haven’t commented specifically on a lot of political stuff lately, and it’s a combination of exhaustion and despair and honestly not knowing what to say that I … Continue reading

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Ten days, sorry.  Life got on top of me again, and not in the fun way. This planet’s kind of a lot right now, let’s maybe go celestial with our … Continue reading

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Y’all know what I’m posting by now, right?

But first, SUPER MOOCH! Why is he flying over the Seine, you ask?  Because that’s the first picture I found in my Facebook albums with a good sky.  Whatever, I’m … Continue reading

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