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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

In which I sheepishly return a little.

It’s been a few weeks.  Stuff has been changing fast for me as much as everyone, and I’ve been in a weird place.  I’m exceedingly lucky – my job is … Continue reading

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Who’s freaking out a little?

I’m mostly managing to not actually, but tomorrow is a work day and I KNOW everyone’s going to be talking COVID-19 endlessly and I will not be able to not … Continue reading

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Ok, not finished because I need to choose a backing fabric and add a binding, but ze embroidery, she is done.

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Happy Meowentime’s day?

Ugh, I’m ashamed of myself. Oh well, here’s a Valentine featuring my very alluring cat.  Feel free to print it out and give it to anyone you want to.  I … Continue reading

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Teensy heirloom, teensy project.

So at Chanukah Mom gave me several items from a bag of my paternal grandmother’s junk jewelry that either weren’t her style or weren’t her taste. Among them was a … Continue reading

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In which I resume an old project and also a life.

Overtime is OVER, huzzah!  I’m pretty sure I’m back to regular hours for the rest of the season because I bet the labor budget was blown ALL to hell in … Continue reading

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In which I succumb to peer pressure.

So a friend posted about this year-long black work stitchalong she was doing on Facebook, and I have multiple projects languishing on the backest of burners, plus my job has … Continue reading

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