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I swear this isn’t a sponsored ad.

But oh my god, you guys, I gave in to temptation and sale prices and bought a set of Arteza Real Brush Pens, and they’re SO PRETTY.  Such color!  Much … Continue reading

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Mermaid time.

Nope, really, that’s it.

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In which Lydia loves balls. THERE, ARE YOU HAPPY? I DID THE THING.

Dammit, Lydia!

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In which we head to Meryton and I save a picture of a dapper horse for research.

Reading while walking ,who hasn’t done it?  Or tentacling, or whatever those fancy jellyfish feelers are actually called.  (They are, in fact, tentacles.  Thanks Google and the Smithsonian!)

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Seriously though, who hates Caroline?

I’m going to assume you guys have read the book and not retread all of the best lines, because that way madness lies.  Also, I find it surprisingly hard to … Continue reading

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In which I have FEELINGS.

This is where we really solidify Caroline as absolutely terrible.  Talk shit about my town, be a snooty bitch, but DO NOT INTERRUPT ME WHILE I’M READING (especially to ask … Continue reading

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In which Mrs. Bennett’s Machiavellian scheme succeeds.

It’s always easy to think of her as an idiot, but did she or did she not get Jane living at Netherfield?  I mean, okay, people legit died from getting … Continue reading

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