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I swear this isn’t a sponsored ad.

fishy color.png

But oh my god, you guys, I gave in to temptation and sale prices and bought a set of Arteza Real Brush Pens, and they’re SO PRETTY.  Such color!  Much brush tip!  But really, I paid my own money for them, I get nothing from telling you guys how in love I am (Unless Arteza sees this and wants to send me more pretties for Hannukah, which hah!  They will never see this).  They’re so intense that they kind of make my beloved Prisma markers look muddy and dead by comparison.  They’re waterbased, too, so I have theories involving a clean brush and water effects, but I haven’t tested it yet because overtime.

We’ll see how long they last, but I got a set of 48 for $30, so I’m good with whatever I get out of them.

Seriously, not a sponsored post, I’m just terrible at sales resistance when I’m tired and know I have overtime funds.

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