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A Soothsayer for your Saturday.

I found my camera, so I thought you guys might like to see one of the more. . . umm. . . interesting items I built for the Shakespeare Festival … Continue reading

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I really should have published this one while A&C was still running.

Better late than never to rip off a Joss Whedon quote, though, right?  This one really only makes sense if you saw our design, but if it helps you picture … Continue reading

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Rosie the Ottererererer

Don’t be fooled by her love of glitter and crocheting and bouffant wigs — Manic Pixie Otter can sink a mean rivet. Also, vote!

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Don’t worry, it’s just a red hanky.

Oh, theatre deaths.  I ended up skipping A&C the other night because it was raining, the people who were meeting me to see it cancelled, and I’ve seen it PLENTY … Continue reading

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No big story here. I just like picturing an otter sock hop.

Of course she has an owl skirt.  Of.  Course. And yes, I realize she’s not wearing socks.  She’s a rebel with uncovered paws. In other news, I simply can’t decide, … Continue reading

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