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The Bingley siblings, at a winter’s ball . . .

I didn’t have a good character on hand for Darcy, so meet the meerkat!  Longtime readers will recognize Red Panda and Schadenfreude Seahorse.    

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Won’t somebody have a thought to my nerves?

Taking a brief break on LOTR while I refresh my memory and decide which bits to draw, so on to Pride and Prejudice and Otters! Next time: actual plot!

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Tarot: I got the computer today! edition. Knight of wands, Queen of wands.

As you’ll see, I quickly came to regret using up two female characters on the page and knight, since that left me with unsatisfying queen options.  Then I remembered who … Continue reading

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June, but better.

I know I showed you this one already, but look!  It’s better now! And I know, the lower Serenitys are flying upside down.  That’s totally because Wash is a crazy … Continue reading

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and this, of course, would be June.

No power in the ‘Verse could stop me from drawing Inara as a baby bear.  You may join various naysaying friends in being uncomfortable with that choice.  The Book sparrow … Continue reading

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I meant to put this one up Saturday, so that it immediately followed the Kool-Aid man, but clearly I didn’t do that.

  Oops. Admit it, you always suspected this, right?  Right.

February 24, 2014 · 1 Comment

Like the Kool-Aid man! Only less liquidy and not trying to convince you to drink out of her head.

Seriously, what part of a giant pitcher smashing into your house and then wanting you to drink his innards ISN’T upsetting?  Of course, I have similar feelings about pinatas with … Continue reading

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Introducing the original inappropriate beaver.

And a thumbs-up of approval from L.  In case you can’t read it, because you almost certainly can’t, the cartoon is another iteration of ‘No one expects Inappropriate Beaver!’ because … Continue reading

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I drew on the walls. It was delightful.

One of the many delights of Houston + my friends is the arts community.  So, Saturday I went with my buddies to the Lawndale Art Center, where they had covered … Continue reading

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The inappropriateness continues.

Ew.  ‘Funky beaver’.

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