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I drew on the walls. It was delightful.


One of the many delights of Houston + my friends is the arts community.  So, Saturday I went with my buddies to the Lawndale Art Center, where they had covered the walls in paper and invited everybody to draw, and it was GLORIOUS.  If you’re in Houston, you should go see it.  Anyway, this is my leetle patch of wall where blog-related things happened, so thanks to C for taking the photo, because I forgot.

After we arted we went to a Browncoat meetup at 100% Taquito, and then across town for Korean noms, and then a little farther for flan, so it was a full day in every sense.  Just in case you’re starting to think my life is always like that, I spent Sunday doing laundry and watching Dharma and Greg on youtube and sewing.  Because balance.

PS – I will try to get around to popping the contrast on this a tad when I gets home so it’s easier to see, but I’m at work on break, so for now this is as good as you gets.

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