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Again, two levels for this quote.  Again, not the dress she actually had on for this song.  It’s a companion piece!

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OSWINNNNNNNN sob sob sniffle sniffle.

I realize that people are of mixed opinions regarding Clara, and while I lurve her, I accept that.  That being said, if you hate Oswin, you’re a monster and probably … Continue reading

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In which I give you a case of the Friday sads. Sorry.

I wasn’t going to end the week on a rant, but there’s this incurably smug bitch who shall remain nameless who was talking about mistakes other people have made in … Continue reading

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Well, this is just cruel of me.

Is the colour too cheery?  I don’t know, it felt right.

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Tarot to the EXTREME: Swords 9 & 10.

Dear everyone, Sorry.  There was just no way the ten of swords wasn’t going to be a terribly upsetting card. Love, Nara, who had to draw her most fragile alter … Continue reading

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Tarot-rot-boom–de-yay! (I’m a terrible human being.) Pentacles four and five!

Look, I’m not saying that Manic Pixie Otter is greedy; I’m just saying that she wants all the things.  Also, she likes to gnaw on coins.

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Tarot #13, Death. AKA why I’m probably on a watch list somewhere.

Because you can add ‘cat skull’ to my recent search history, along with a bunch of other weird shit, and there are a surprising number of babies/children with ridiculous mustaches … Continue reading

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Sometimes I think ‘walking on eggshells’ isn’t clear enough to everybody.

Because if you’ve never lived in a situation where you had to constantly be monitoring another person, making sure you weren’t sitting in the wrong spot, or walking around too … Continue reading

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On loving problematic things — or things created by problematic douchebags.

Two things happened to put me in this headspace: Jenny Trout wrote an excellent post about her own struggle with art vs. artist, and this particular rhyme for ‘neurotic’ popped … Continue reading

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Every time I go to the pet supply store I get snagged by the kitties and the hamsters and the gerbils and the ferrets and ALL THE FLUFFIES, and if … Continue reading

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