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Willow! The female one, not the one who saved Elora Danaan.

Although in my head, Willow Rosenberg is the very distant descendant of Elora Danaan, and the name got passed down in the family in honor of her hero.  Red headed, … Continue reading

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I started to type out the Buffy theme, but it just looked like I was screwing up the Batman theme.

Oooh, Buffy meets Batman!  I think she would have deeply limited patience for him, deity her taste for brooding dudes.   If you want to own it, check out Redbubble … Continue reading

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Introducing Ivanya.

Some of you aren’t friends with me on Facebook (because we’re strangers IRL), and this is your reward, because this silliness will actually be new to you.  For the last … Continue reading

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