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Neurotic Owlphabet, part 8. W00t?

Apparently yesterday was official hugging day or something of the sort, so I’m practically topical.  Also, watch this.  It’s SFW! See how much his eye bags have cleared up?  Just … Continue reading

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Neurotic Owlphabet, part M. Or 7. One of those.

Nerd rhyme!

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Neurotic Owlphapebet, part. . . 6? I think? Wait, a,b,c,d. . .

      Hooray!  It is six!  Which means that we’re almost halfway, since 26 letters = 13 posts.  I will be sad when this mini-project ends.   Which is … Continue reading

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Neurotic Owlphabet, part 5.

If I eventually decide to put an end to Neurotic Owl’s adventures, I promise that his last act will be to dive face-first into a huge sundae. In the meantime, … Continue reading

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Neurotic Owlphabet, part 4

    Look at me, counting like a responsible person who draws cartoon owls! I’m mostly a pretty rational sort, but I’m also insanely imaginative and have lots of delightful … Continue reading

June 7, 2013 · 2 Comments

Neurotic Owlphabet, Part Three

  When I stop listing which part it is in the title, you’ll know that I lost count and was too lazy to look at past posts or count letters. … Continue reading

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The Neurotic Owlphabet, part two.

Look at me, actually naming posts things that explain what’s in them and make them easy to find later!  I feel like a grown-up.  Excuse me while I wind up … Continue reading

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