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Neurotic Owlphabet, part 4



Look at me, counting like a responsible person who draws cartoon owls!


I’m mostly a pretty rational sort, but I’m also insanely imaginative and have lots of delightful phobias and general anxiety, so I will categorically not say that there is no such thing as ghosts because the person in the movie who says that always ends up seeing the ghost and I’d rather not, thanks.  And don’t tell me that ghosts aren’t scary, because I love Caspar too, but that is not how my life works, and even a friendly ghost watching me without my knowledge is creepy and awful.  Anyway, there probably is no such thing.  Maybe.  Eep.


That’s a bacon wrapped churro with salted caramel sauce, and the first person to actually make me that wins the internets.  We will surrender all of our cat pictures and porn to you, bacon-caramel-churro maker.  I promise on behalf of the Borg collective internet, because clearly I have that power.

(That sentence used to be ‘I have the power’, but then I couldn’t stop hearing it in He-Man voice, plus sometimes I actually do care about sentence structure.  I mean, obviously not this time, but sometimes.)

2 comments on “Neurotic Owlphabet, part 4

  1. ccoshow
    June 7, 2013

    You really ought’nt to make challenges like that.

    Challenge accepted.

    • naralesser
      June 8, 2013

      I’ll start gathering cats and porn. Wait, ew. Context: it’s important sometimes.

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