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Saturday! Can you say ‘mashup’? How about ‘protected as parody’?


So  started this quite a while ago, thinking it would make a sweet t-shirt, then forgot about it for a while and just picked it up and added colour the other day.  You may notice a shift in my colouring techniques — that happened when, since I knew that Zazzle thinks eeeeverything’s a copyright infringement,  I started looking into submission guidelines for Teefury et al. and realized that I already had waaaay too many colours.  So. I popped it in the computer and started pulling existing colours from what I had to try to limit it somewhat, then dicked around with it a couple of different ways, then got this:supermanthinglimpal

which still has too many colours, but it’s pretty and I like it.  Also, I think for a t-shirt I need the base of the TARDIS visible.  So, I’ve re-traced my original drawing, added a bit, and I’m going to pop it into Inkscape, vector it, and see what I can do with tiny polka dots to get the colours I want out of blue, red, yellow, brown, black, and white.  You’ll see it when someone agrees to use it, or when I give up and just post it here.  BTW, thank you, Twitter dude who shall not be named, for getting me to try vector!  It’s pretty nifty.

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