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Bonus post where I talk to myself about my body.

I’m seriously considering a very special costume for next year’s Apollocon/maybe even Halloween.  I’m thinking about dressing up as Wonder Woman.  ‘But wait!’ you say.  ‘That’s not particularly special!  Lots of girls do that!’  Lots of skinny girls do that.  A few brave medium-sized-plus size girls do that.  I build my costumes around corsets, cleavage, and full skirts because I am generally ashamed of my body (other than my spectacular cleavage), and that sucks.

I think the thing that got me thinking about this was this, which is brilliant and amazing and gave me all the angries.  It’s sort of percolated through the bottom of my brain for several weeks, and what eventually rose up is that I want to dress up as what I want to dress up as.  I haven’t dared to be Wonder Woman since I grew out of my undaroos in elementary school.  So: no corset.  No skirt.  Yes, boy shorts version, because ass hanging out is not something I do in a  public hotel area at any weight because I think it’s weird, but no hiding.  I will wear a light shaper underneath, but that’s it.  If I had time, I’d try to be brave and do it this year, but I have too many commitments for any costuming right now, so.  Next year.  Wonder Woman.  It’s on.

2 comments on “Bonus post where I talk to myself about my body.

    • naralesser
      June 6, 2013

      Oh my god, I might have to buy the one with the fox!

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