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And now, a leetle story.

AKA how Nara spent her Saturday morning.  Goodbye, $2.50.  I hope you go to a good cause, but it’ll probably just be the laundromat owners.

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These are only getting more upsetting.

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Tarot to the EXTREME: Swords 9 & 10.

Dear everyone, Sorry.  There was just no way the ten of swords wasn’t going to be a terribly upsetting card. Love, Nara, who had to draw her most fragile alter … Continue reading

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Ye slightly less old Tarot, but still pretty old, because I’m working ahead. Cups 4 & 5.

I hadn’t planned to have the same character featured alone twice, but Hypersensitive Fox just felt right for both of these, and now t semi-accidentally makes a leetle story.  Also, … Continue reading

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In case you were wondering where I was for most of last week. . .

And now I’m home.  And now we shall never speak of it again.

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You won’t be able to unsee this.

You’re welcome.

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A loooong bath.

No real joke here – one of my friends was telling a story about how she takes such long showers that neither her husband nor her mother noticed when she … Continue reading

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It continues.

In case you didn’t see this one last week:   And now:

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If you can dodge a hurtling miniature owl, you can dodge a ball.

It’s the only sport for which an insane terror of getting hit by the ball is actually helpful.

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Which is why there are big red scratches on my cleavage right now.

My Charlie cat is sweet and lovable and charming and clumsy as all hell.  He never scratches me on purpose, but he loves being on my lap or my shoulder, … Continue reading

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