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Monthly Archives: December, 2013

My wish is for a brawny manservant to whip my cheesecakes. Wait, that sounds weird.

Hi, everybody! (Hi, Doctor Nick!) I went to a super fun Browncoat holiday shindig last night, and then today I got up at the crack of ten and cleaned and … Continue reading

December 23, 2013 · 1 Comment

Eating. It keeps us alive.

You’d think that any relatively sane person who gets hypoglycemic would be able to remember that eating is important, but I am the worst at that, possibly because of that … Continue reading

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She should probably lay off the hair products altogether.

On the other hand, it looks kind of fun being poofy.  She could fall over and just sort of bounce gently, like a small child in a puffy coat.

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The other three and twenty are hiding.

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Dwarves spend a lot on conditioner and detangling spray.

What?  You think that luxuriant beard just happens? Obviously temperamentally he’s a Hobbit, but Hobbits rarely get to practice their french-braiding skills.

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Very few people bend that way, and even fewer owls.

This one happened because my awesome friends C and V brought back an illustrated pamphlet of ancient Mayan sex positions from a recent cruise, and some of the drawings were … Continue reading

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More otter! Why do I feel like that statement’s going to lead to some weird search results?

The best gift of all – the gift of herself.  Manic Pixie Otter is not hurting for self-esteem. By the way, Charlie’s way better already!  Hooray!  Now I can get … Continue reading

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