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Monthly Archives: July, 2014

Did I miss a day? Oops.

The days kind of run together when I’m not working a set schedule.  Anyhoo, who wants some tartan? I have Lagerfeld on my list because someone mentioned him, but I … Continue reading

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And ruffles. There should always be ruffles.

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How long do you think it’ll be before someone sends me a C&D? Ooh, I rhymed!

  Everything is beige except for his face.

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And while we’re discussing fashion icons. . .

I’m not going to link to a photo of Tim Gunn, because surely you know everybody’s favourite fashion uncle by now.  Instead, I’m going to send you to this video … Continue reading

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Brace yourselves for FASHION!

I’m designing costumes (mostly costume, singular) for a show about Diana Vreeland right now, so tada.  Of course, now you’re going to have a whole slew of other fashiony cartoons … Continue reading

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And speaking of mums. . .


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Oh wait, did you need milk? She forgot the milk.

You know how I tend to think people are judging my groceries, like when I buy cookies and assume everyone in the store is silently mocking the fat chick with … Continue reading

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Nerd mum!

  There’s this thing that happens at some cons, where you get ribbons to stick on to your badge for the various roles you fill (guest, panelist, dealer, volunteer, concomitant, … Continue reading

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Well, cartoon-ish things. ATCs, at least. Also, meet Abrasively Cheerful Kitten!

  I went to an ATC panel at ApolloCon, and while I usually find collaging frustration because I never have the thing I want, this was a table filled with … Continue reading

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There’ll be cartoons tomorrow, I swear.

A year and a month ago, I wrote this. Never say I don’t keep at least a few of my promises. And the truth is?  I felt pretty decent wearing … Continue reading

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