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Nerd mum!



There’s this thing that happens at some cons, where you get ribbons to stick on to your badge for the various roles you fill (guest, panelist, dealer, volunteer, concomitant, etc.), and then also ribbons that get printed and handed out purely for fun.  You’ve seen my latest – that colorful banner thingy hanging from Wonder Woman’s belt.  Anyway, some people get pretty into collecting the most/cleverest/ funniest, because nerds are always up for another obsessive collection, and it finally occurred to me this con what they are.

Nerd mums!

non- Texans, you’ll need to google Homecoming Mums, please.  While I never took part in the tradition, the vast majority of my high school did, and it was exactly the kind of obsessive, overly spendy, ultimately pointless activity that I now revel in. . . Which is why next year we may be making this metaphor a reality.  I’m thinking Kaylee mum – teddy bear in the middle, pink ruffle ribbons, decorated with little plastic strawberries and wrenches and tiny paper parasols.  Other ideas?

2 comments on “Nerd mum!

  1. KGK
    July 4, 2014

    I think I hear a Nerd Mum contest coming on…

    • naralesser
      July 4, 2014

      Ooh, crafting panel! We could probably amass dollar store supplies. . .

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